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Client: Axe, Anarchy

Agency: Brand - BBH; Digital - CP+B Canada 

This is a little old but there’s been some chatter today regarding the fact that Axe is launching a line for women. And to that I say…it’s about time! I don’t know what took Axe so long (considering it launched about 10 years ago in North America). Despite the frequent criticism of the ads being sexist and on many accounts misogynistic (which they are), women still like the brand.  Whether it will have the same following as Axe for men does, time will only tell.  If they play their cards right and market it the same way - that is, they do not make Axe something it’s not just because women are involved in a different way now - I think they could be on to something.

Whether we want to get into the fact that Unilever owns both Dove and Axe (competitive ideologies alert!) is up you guy…but I don’t think I have it in me to go there. Again.

  1. ifilikeityoulikeit said: I love this ad. I think it’s the music that really sells it. As you said though, if they play it right, this good be a big move for them.
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