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Agency Video: GCG Marketing

Alright, everyone. Let’s dissect this shall we? First of all, I actually want to give a couple high fives to the copywriters who wrote this and the videographer/editor who shot this. It’s not awful…on the surface. I admire the bravery for releasing something like this and, one can assume, for being proud of it.

But, there are a few points of contention I have this it. They are as follows:

  • Is it me, or is there only white people working at this agency?
  • Why did they go with a fake rap, when this guy probably could have nailed an actual slam poem version of this? It was narrated hip hop…it had legs but they refused to run with them. They kind of just…sauntered. He missed all the punch points, all the syllabic emphases. Better luck next time, bro. 
  • They did a lot of telling and not a lot of showing. I’m bored.
  • Am I supposed to Google them after I watch this? Because I didn’t really want to.

Overall scores (out of 5):

  • 3 stars for Hipster Nonsense
  • 5 stars for effort
  • 1 star for virality. A pity star.

Best lines:

"We’re experts, Never resting on our blessed expertise, you want results? You got to roll up yours sleeves."

"Poking holes into [cliches] with wit, and a pen, and a sword if we must" (Voltaire reference?)

"Let’s plant a handshake and watch what grows." (BOOM!)

  1. hamidspov said: This looks like the office got bored on a Friday… I would never choose this agency if this was a part of their pitch for my business. (Being a hipster is bad, but not being a hipster and making a video to show that you are is worse!)
  2. advertise-this posted this
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