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Client: Dodge

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Sometimes car ads can be great - this is one example of this.  It doesn’t have that emotional element to it that Chrysler has been hounding, which I like. I think this does a really good job at speaking directly to its target, who I assume are 24-35 year olds, skewed heavily male, looking to either buy their first car, or buy a newer, better car. 

I like that it describes car design as a creative process. I particularly love the “kick out the committees” shtick.  It has an element of humour, but it’s also a little motivational for the brand. It also isn’t overtly gender-specific. It’s subtly male-oriented, but there aren’t insights in there that are particularly positioned toward heterosexual males (ie. helps you pick up chicks), which many car ads try to include. It’s simple: this is a car designed and built to rock the driver’s world.

Nothing too ground breaking, but I think it works.

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