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Client: Tide

Agency: Publicis

People are heated about this spot. Is Tide really attempting to make a statement (not really sure what that statement is exactly) about gender roles and identity? Is it supposed to be funny? I agree with AdFreak's commentary on it for the most part…any humour intended has slightly missed the mark. I mean, the kid is what…8 or 9 years old? And what exactly is this woman worried about? Her sexuality? She's a child. Calm down.

I really don’t know what Tide is getting at…they seem to want to be punchy but at the same time be family-friendly. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. How this creative was approved, I’ll never know. It’s useless, unimaginative, and slightly insulting. It makes Moms look like narrow-minded trophy wives and tries to paint an -albeit unclear - image of what a little girl is supposed to look like.

It’s laundry soap. Gets your clothes clean. Stop trying to make a statement. It’s not working.

…I’m switching to Gain (sniff, sniff hurray).

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    actually, i think it’s cool that the mom in this ad is not forcing her child into frilly clothes. she’s still letting...
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    I agree, this was a bit distasteful. Or more than a bit. I dunno. But switching to Gain won’t really do much because...
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