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The Wild, Wild World outside the [ box ]

Client: Honda CR-V

Agency: RPA

I want to hate it. I do. Because, I mean, could this be any kitschy-er? But, the truth of the matter is…I love Ferris Bueller. I mean, people “like” Ferris Bueller…I love him. I love that entire film and the sum of all its parts. I love Ferris, I love John Hughes, I love Mia Sara/Sloan Peterson (and her jacket), I love Alan Ruck/Cameron (and his social anxiety), I love the Twist and Shout scene, I love the art gallery, I love Jennifer Grey/Jeanie. I love Mr. and Mrs. Bueller. Hell, I even love Charlie Sheen’s cameo and that wretched mustache on Mr. Rooney’s face! There isn’t an ounce of that film that I am not madly in love with…and that’s why I like this spot. And that’s the only reason anyone likes this spot. Because they love Ferris.

A Honda CR-V may feel random, and the subtle comparison to Cameron’s father’s Ferrari may be a tad trite, but at the end of the day…that song…and that smirk…gets me every time.