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The Wild, Wild World outside the [ box ]

Client: Tide

Agency: Publicis

People are heated about this spot. Is Tide really attempting to make a statement (not really sure what that statement is exactly) about gender roles and identity? Is it supposed to be funny? I agree with AdFreak's commentary on it for the most part…any humour intended has slightly missed the mark. I mean, the kid is what…8 or 9 years old? And what exactly is this woman worried about? Her sexuality? She's a child. Calm down.

I really don’t know what Tide is getting at…they seem to want to be punchy but at the same time be family-friendly. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. How this creative was approved, I’ll never know. It’s useless, unimaginative, and slightly insulting. It makes Moms look like narrow-minded trophy wives and tries to paint an -albeit unclear - image of what a little girl is supposed to look like.

It’s laundry soap. Gets your clothes clean. Stop trying to make a statement. It’s not working.

…I’m switching to Gain (sniff, sniff hurray).


Client: Renault Clio

Agency: Publicis

How awesome is this? I can’t stop loving the work done for Renault. I originally watched this without sound (I was in class…shhh) and loved it then. In silence. I didn’t even need the music, I just needed to watch. The key to successful advertising is to be able to take away sensory elements and still understand the message. This spot definitely does that.

The best part? The Bowie tattoo. With the mix of Rihanna and Dita Von Teese, they take the contemporary and combine it with the classic, the awesome. It says so much about the brand and about the Clio - it’s new and yet it’s rooted in the original definition of cool, unique, different.

Sure, it’s a tiny car. But it’s got va va voom!

Client: Renault Twingo

Agency: Publicis

Once again, only in Europe. It certainly is a creative way to add to your wardrobe…

However, could this be done with two men? …didn’t think so.

Interesting that in the Heinz ad above (though a totally different client) the peck on the lips of two men is done with blatant and obvious humour, while in this one, the sexy romp between two women - which is far more racy - sets up the joke with much more subtly. Hmmm…

[note: also see this French ad for Renault Twingo]